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Hard work, dedication, patience, and of course prowess in cooking – et al are the requirements to be a good chef. There is a lot said, written and focused on professional chefs – many of whom would have got recognition through their years of service in the hospitality industry. There has also been many little ones (read children) who have managed to gain good cooking skills, imbibed by the parents and/or relatives. It could also be that some children are born with the gift of culinary skills.

In this fast-paced world, kitchen – home or professional – becomes a main base from where good health could be achieved. Ingredients, hygiene, technology, affordability, etc. are dependent on the chef at the kitchen. Hence, the chef’s role is quite significant. He or She could channel their capabilities in cooking to bring in a remarkable effect in the life of people who eat the prepared items.

Again, in this supercharged times, the skills of children are not identified and encouraged. Metro Mart believes the skills of children should be encouraged. Children who have a knack in cooking, should be given a space to showcase their savvy and know-how. Appreciating them and promoting them would provide the much needed impetus in their overall development.


Award Selection Criteria

Individual Children Junior

Age group of 8 to 10 Approval letter from Parent to be submitted for registration.

Individual Children Senior-1

Age group of 11 to 13 Approval letter from Parent to be submitted for registration.

Individual Children Senior-2

Age group of 14 to 16 Approval letter from Parent to be submitted for registration.

Teams from Schools

Each school can send a team of 5 members. The Team is required to produce an approval letter from Principal to register for Metro Little Chef.


Junior – Age group of 8 to 10
Senior – Age group of 11 to 16

Registration Fees

Rs 600 for individual Children Category and Rs. 2500/- per team category.

One Year Subscription of Executive Knowledge Lines Magazine is free for all participants.

Our Story

Metro Mart believes in participating actively in causes which would be beneficial to the society as a whole. Children are our future. Giving a platform for children to be appreciated and promoted is an extremely significant cause.

Hence, Metro Mart has come up with Metro Little Chef.

Metro Little Chef is a competition wherein the culinary skills of children would be assessed and evaluated in all aspects. Metro Little Chef would be a marked step wherein they would learn how to identify situations and options, analyse available options, manage time, evaluate strategies and make appropriate decisions. Through this competition, we intend to provide the children to better themselves and prepare themselves for the future. At Metro Little Chef, the children would be motivated to excel in what they do.

Showcasing their culinary knowledge and skills in a competition under proper mentorship, would enable the children to judge themselves as well as learn from other children and improve themselves. A get together for children, have fun, compete and go home with prizes. Metro Little Chef would be an event that is filled with energy, fun, and thrill.

The competitors would have to be equipped with the following

Appropriate Dress

Essential Utensils

Essential Ingredients

Metro Mart
The Narrative

Metro group’s diversity spans across a broad spectrum of media and event associations. And in each of them, the group has excelled with an unparalleled approach to provide outstanding functionality and remarkable output to a range of businesses and sectors such as Educational, Governmental, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Publications, Technology, Travel, Tourism, etc. The group’s capabilities are such that its intervention has given the much-needed impetus to several enterprises internationally.


The group has three magazines published from its stable.




Sponsoring the Metro MSME Awards offers an opportunity to reach a targeted audience of leaders, entrepreneurs and consumers who value quality, craftsmanship, environmental and social responsibility.

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Deliverables for Sponsor

Sponsor logo would be included in all the MARCOMM materials of the event

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Logo in all Direct Mail / Promotional Material

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One Organisation standee


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